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Acquire Trademarks in Taiwan and China

Why do You Need to Acquire Trademarks in Taiwan and China?

A reputable trademark is very important for foreigners to start or expand their business in Taiwan and China. There are three ways to own reputable trademarks:

  1. Register or introduce your own trademark
  2. Buy trademarks from others
  3. Any combination of the above two.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Trademarks?

Instead of registering your own trademark, there are two major benefits of buying trademarks from others.

  1. Proved Record: Instead of applying for trademark(s) without knowing whether it is to be successful or not in the future, you can find the successful trademark with proved value and buy it. Owning such a trademark you can lower unexpected risks effectively.
  2. Time Saving:To maintain a trademark takes a long time to make it to hit the market. Through buying current and successful trademarks you can save a lot of time and leverage the benefits of the trademark you buy immediately.

What can Evershine IPO Do for You to Buy Trademarks in Taiwan and China?

Evershine IPO can find and evaluate the suitable trademarks for you per your requests via our network in Taiwan and China. Evershine IPO can also negotiate with the trademark owners for you in order that you can minimize your cost on investing in acquiring brand names.

Please feel free to contact us for detailed informaion.

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