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What can Evershine IPO do for your trademark?
We can help you avoid costly mistakes in the selection and use of your trademark or service mark.
It is our job to advise you of the risks associated with trademark use, and through review and evaluation of appropriate trademark searches, assist you to adopt a mark that will not be subject to competing claims.

Why should you hire Evershine IPO for your trademark?
The basic reason is that it makes good business sense, because in the long run, hiring Evershine IPO will most likely save you money.

When should you hire Evershine IPO for your trade mark?

Ideally, you should engage the services of an experienced trademark attorney whenever your company is considering launching a new product or service.
The best time to get a trademark attorney involved is before you have committed significant resources to a particular trademark.

If you have already adopted and used a trademark or service mark, it may be wise to engage a trademark attorney to perform a search to discover potential conflicts with other trademark owners.
This can help you make an educated decision about continued use of your trademark, before any issues arise.

If you want to make an application for China and Taiwan’s registration of your mark, it is wise to engage Evershine IPO to guide you through the formalities of the application process.
Even if you have already been using the mark for some time, Evershine IPO can advise you whether it makes sense to apply for China and Taiwan’s registration, and if so, we can skillfully draft your application to help avoid objections by the government trademark examiner.

What else does Evershine IPO do for your trademark?

Besides trademark clearance and prosecution of applications for registration, Evershine IPO can help enforce your trademark in China and Taiwan.
Evershine IPO can maintain a trademark watch to monitor potential infringing trademark use and alert you when such uses are uncovered.
Evershine IPO can advise you whether it makes sense for you to take action to stop a potentially infringing use.

If action is needed, Evershine IPO can go to work for you to put an end to the infringing use.
On the flip side, Evershine IPO can offer you sound advice if you receive a cease and desist letter demanding that you stop using your trademark.
Most importantly, hiring Evershine IPO at the right stage of your marketing campaign can help you to avoid adopting a mark that will be likely to subject you to liability for trademark infringement.

Evershine IPO can advise you whether your proposed mark would be registerable in relation to your goods or services, and can help you go through the process of selecting a trademark.
Evershine IPO can become an important partner in your company’s strategy for growth, by making sure you take the necessary steps to safeguard your important intellectual property.

Don’t sell your company short – consult with Evershine IPO.
Arm yourself with the knowledge to use trademarks wisely and avoid costly mistakes.

Please feel free to contact us for detailed informaion.

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