Third-Type Patent Analysis Report

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The Mission of Evershine Patent Attorney Firm
We provides patent-based big data analysis reports with market information in various industries,
with technology and market trends ,
helping Research and Development(R&D) Persons to choose right topics,
avoiding potential infringement of future R&D results to others
Our Positioning is to provide Third type Patent-based Big Data Analysis report
Generally Patent-based Big Data Analysis Report being categorized to be four-types.
First type is only tell you how many patents and their holders based on Patent directory.
Second Type is so-called Patent Map which based on technology grouping on Patent directory
Third type is more deeply analysis which can let R&D persons to choose right topics to avoid potential infringement of future R&D results to others
Fourth type is most specific analysis for the use of Patent application and patent litigation
Evershine Patent Attorney Firm Position itself to provides third type Patent analysis report in various industries, helping R&D persons to choose right topics.
The Featured point on our Patent-based Big Data Analysis Report Series
We always care about R&D persons can choose right topics.
From this viewpoint, we will focus on what is future Market Trend, what is existent technology level, where are competitors.
Our patent-based big data analysis reports written by about 30 Patent Attorneys who are specialized in their individual industry.
We always keep patent report being updated with new patent being issued from time by time.
How to generate Patent-based big data analysis report
This technical analysis first on technical topics, through research analysis and consolidation of academic experts, technical architecture define the third order.
Whereby the architecture starting to collect thousands of pieces of related U.S. patent, do in-depth analysis.
Analysis report is the unique patented technology information presented,
including the invention of enterprises, technology content, technology use, etc., comprehensive subject technology business information,
including the latest technological developments, industry trends, product information, competitive business background etc.,
according to the principle of innovation, technology trends, business concern,
using a variety of analysis techniques,
from the technical stage to the next step, Deep analysis results obtained for business or R & D departments,
as understood in the context of the development of technology topics and trends of reference,
contribute to the development of enterprises or R & D units or research topic of choice and decision.

Now We provide updated third-type patent-based big data analysis reports as below
LED Lighting – Patent Analysis Report
Wearable Devices – Patent Analysis Report for Intelligent Wearable Glasses
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) -Patent Analysis Report
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