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Evershine have about 80 Patent Attorneys in various industries to be our partners in writing third-type patent analysis report.
Evershine IPO Firm position ourselves to be bridge between R&D persons and patent attorneys.
When we screen out an targeted industry, we always try to find out relevant patent agent from patent database.
Then, we will visit and ask the patent agent to write third-type patent analysis report.
After a partner write out a report, we will re-edit, and let it be advertised through our channel.

Our Positioning is to provide Third type Patent Analysis report
Generally Patent Analysis Report being categorized to be four-types.
First type is only tell you how many patents and their holders based on Patent directory.
Second Type is so-called Patent Map which based on technology grouping on Patent directory
Third type is more deeply analysis which can let R&D persons to choose right topics to avoid potential infringement of future R&D results to others
Fourth type is most specific analysis for the use of Patent application and patent litigation
Evershine Patent Attorney Firm Position itself to provides third type Patent analysis report in various industries, helping R&D persons to choose right topics.
If any patent attorney want to be our partner in writing third-type patent analysis report, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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