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Evershine IPO was formed by Dale C.C Chen in Taiwan.
We are focusing on providing patent analysis and it’s market report,
in order to help R&D persons choose right R&D topics.


We are pursuing to be a leader of providing the third kind patent analysis report in various industries,
with technology and market trends ,
helping Research and Development(R&D) Persons to choose right topics.


In our daily jobs, we devote ourselves into obtaining clients’ interests and trying to achieve our goals.
However, we are also subjected to the following principles:

  • Symbiosis principle
    – We view our clients’ growth as ours. Only clients’ successes can fulfill our desire of success.
  • Confidentiality principle
    – We always keep our clients’ information confidential even when we are requested to contact the 3rd party.
  • Precautionary principle
    – We promise very cautiously and we won’t promise what we cannot make.
  • Independence principle
    – We won’t take the case which will leads to conflict of interests with our other clients.


President Dale Chen

    –Master of Business Administration (June. 1982), Tatung University, Taipei, Taiwan
    –Bachelor of Science (Jun. 1976), Geology Department, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

    –A Patent Attorney of Taiwan R.O.C.
    –A Member of Taiwan Patent Attorney Association
    –Certified Public Accountant of Taiwan, R.O.C.
    –Certified Public Accountant of China (The People’s Republic of China)
    –Certified Public Accountant of UK recognized by AIA
    –Business Valuation Analyst.

    –Good at reading and writing in English. Oral English intermediate only.
    –Good communication skill in Mandarin and Taiwanese.

    –Taiwan Evershine BPO Service Corp. (Founder & The Chairman)
    from 1994 to now
    was founded by the principal Partner of Evershine CPAs Firm in 1994.
    And as a holding parent company, it invested into:
    Xiamen Evershine in 2006,
    Beijing Evershine in 2011,
    Shanghai Evershine in 2012
    USA San Franciso Evershine 1n 2014
    Australia Syndey Evershine in 2014
    India New Delhi Evershine in 2014
    –Evershine CPAs Firm (Founder & Chief Partner)
    Jan. 1992 ~ Now: Dale Chen was the founder of Evershine CPAs Firm. From that time to now, he has been the Chief Partner.
    –Evershine Investment Corporation (Abbreviated as Evershine)(President)
    Jan. 1991 ~ 2003 Dec.: Evershine was a high-tech venture capital firm. In Taipei’s investment circle, Evershine had alliances with several investment decision-makers who specialize in different areas. Evershine specialized in biotech and nano technology areas. Evershine jointly invested in 52 high-tech companies, of which about 30% were located in U.S.A., about 10% located in China and about 60% located in Taiwan. Now Dale Chen is a Member of the Board of several high-tech corporations.
    –Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation (Abbreviated as Everlight) (Deputy General Manager; Member of the Board)
    Jan. 1, 1997 ~ 2003 Dec.: Everlight is a multinational publicly listed company in Taiwan. Everlight has approximately 1200 employees. Everlight’s registered capital is about USD 120 million and revenue is also about USD 120 million. Dale Chen supervises the following departments: Information Technology, Financial, Investment, and Nano-material Business Unit.
    –Development Center for Biotechnology (Abbreviated as DCB) (Business Manager)
    June 1984 ~ June 1991: DCB is a non-profit organization, which is sponsored by the Economic Ministry of the R.O.C. Dale Chen was the 9th employee in DCB’s history. At present, DCB has about 350 employees. Dale Chen was responsible for the following affairs: MIS-setup, technology transfer, government correspondence and industrial services.
    –Tatung Company (Abbreviated as Tatung)
    June 1980 ~ June 1984: Tatung is one of the largest private corporations in Taiwan. Now, Tatung’s revenue is about NTD 200 billion and it has over 30,000 employees. Dale Chen worked for the Information Technology Department to set up their financial system.
    –Tatung University
    June 1978 ~ June 1980 : DaleChen received his MBA. Tatung University is sponsored by the Tatung Corporation.
    –Taiwan University
    June 1972 ~ June 1977:DaleChen received his Bachelor of Science, Geology Department.

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